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Most children, if they are otherwise healthy, have outpatient surgery, which means they come into the hospital from home on the morning of the surgery.  After surgery, they stay in the recovery room, and then with family for several hours to make sure they've recovered.  After being checked, they can go home. .Anyone who has other significant medical problems, unable to drink liquids, or excessive nausea (sick to the stomach) after being observed for several hours may need to stay overnight in the hospital.


It is VERY IMPORTANT on the day of surgery, that your child have an empty stomach.  If anything has been put into the mouth or stomach, because of SAFETY for your child, the surgery must be cancelled.  Even chewing gum will cause the cancellation of surgery.  DO NOT let your child eat or drink ANYTHING on the day of surgery.  Please tell someone if you think your child has eaten or has drank anything on the day of surgery.  If there is food or liquid in the stomach at the time of surgery, there is a chance your child could choke while asleep.



Honesty is usually the best policy. Answer any questions your child might have.  If old enough, they may ask a doctor or nurse themselves.  If you go to the EASE Program before surgery, an orientation program will be given to make you and your child more comfortable on the day of surgery.  Explain that he or she will be asleep and will not feel any pain during the operation. Afterwards, there will be a sore throat, probably like your child has had before.  To make it go away, they must eat sherbet, popsicles, ice cream, juices, etc. - and you may want to go shopping in advance with your child to pick out the foods and drinks he or she will enjoy while recuperating.  Also, explain that some medicine which is important to take, will make him or her feel better.


You should feed your child a soft diet.  Stay away from things that are HOT, SALTY, SHARP or SOUR.  Your child should be out of school for at least 7 days and no athletic class or participation in sports for at least one month.  Ideally, your child should not go on any trips for at least one month unless cleared by your doctor.

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