Facial and Lip Reconstruction With Rotation Advancement Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh
Facial and Lip Reconstruction With Rotation Advancement Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh

Rotation Advancement Flap
for Cheek Reconstruction
after Removal of a Malignant Melanoma

Melanoma is one of the most malignant skin carcinomas.   Excessive sun exposure is a common cause of skin cancers including malignant melanomas.    Abstract for Melanoma Guidelines of Care   Article for Staging of Melanoma 
National Cancer Institute on Staging of Melanoma




The patient on the right has a facial melanoma.  This patient had less than 1 mm of invasion.  The lesion was resected with a 1 cm margin.  A deep margin consisting of a small amount of orbicularis oculi (lower lid) muscle was also taken. 

Surgical Defect Note the exposure of the Obicularis Oculi Muscle in the top part of the defect.



Surgical Defect and Plan for reconstruction of the face and lower eyelid.  A large flap must be constructed so there is absolutely no tension on the lower lid.  If there is any tension an ectropion (dropping and outward turning of the eyelid) will result. 



Immediate post-op result

Immediate post-op result



Two week post-operative result

One Month post-operative result



Three month post-operative result

Three month post-operative result

Note the near resolution of the dog-ear deformity.  The small residual can be easily removed in the office.  



Three month post-operative result


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