Smoking Rhinitis - 10 Reasons to Quit
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  •  I don't smoke much only one pack per day.  Heavy smoking starts with 1/2 pack per day.  Although any amount of exposure to carcinogens is undesirable, at a 20 pack year history (smoking one pack per day for 20 years, 1/2 pack per day for 40 yrs, etc.) their is a much higher rate of cancer formation.

  •   Tobacco's not bad it's the additives!!  Over 25 carcinogens (chemicals which cause cancer) are in tobacco.  Some additives have imposed significant health risks.  However, the vast majority of the carcinogens are from the tobacco plant and not the factory.

  •   Smoking has had a positive impact on Kentucky's Economy.  Life Insurance is twice as much for smokers as for non-smokers, corresponding to the 7 year shorter life span in smokers.  Private health insurance costs 32% more for smokers.  Medicare and Medicaid has no increase in premiums so the cost of smoking related heath care is spread to all consumers.

  •   They chose to smoke, its their right.  80% of smokers started smoking in high school.  The average age in Pulaski County is the 8th grade.  Once started few can kick the habit.  The long term quit rate is approximately 3%.

  •   I can quit any time I want to.  Only 3% of smokers quit smoking for good, much lower that alcohol addiction, about the same as heroin.

  •   Alcohol kills more people than smoking, I do not hear this ruckus about alcohol use.  It is true that alcohol consumption is a major health problem in the United States.  It increases the carcinogenic effect of smoking and by itself can be lethal.  However, Smoking kills more people per year than Auto Accidents, HIV, Homicides, Suicides, Alcohol and Drug Abuse COMBINED.  In Kentucky during 1998, there were 869 traffic fatalities, 205 alcohol related compared to 3500 lung cancer deaths, 90% which are caused by smoking.

  •   His cancer was not caused by smoking, he quit smoking years ago.  Smoking causes irreversible genetic damage.  Quitting will not improve this.  You do not hear survivors of Love Canal or those exposed to irradiation in childhood, thinking their cancers were not caused by prior exposure to carcinogens.

  •   My grandmother is 90 and she has smoked all of her life--It hasn't hurt her.  As with most things in life nothing is 100%.  But if one applied this logic to drunk driving one would say:  "Driving under the influence of alcohol does not cause accidents because I drove drunk yesterday and did not get in an accident.

  •   I pay for my health insurance.  If I want to smoke it's my business not yours.  The health costs of smoking are not only in health insurance but in costs created by the employee missing work.  The employer also has an increase in his insurance profile and a resultant increase in health care costs.  Many smoking illnesses are severe and during the course of the illness the patient often losses insurance.  In addition, most occur in the elderly and they are on Medicare.  These costs are born by us all.

  •   My "Sinus" condition is worse since I quit smoking.  Thus, smoking did not cause it.  Smoking caused irreversible damage to the lining of the nose.  When one quits smoking nasal secretions may increase for months and because of
    the damage to the nasal lining, the nose has a reduced capacity to clear them.  Symptoms may worsen for months, but in the long run it is much better to quit smoking now.





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