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Middle Ear Fluid Found During Ear Tube Insertion

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Other Treatment Options

Ear tubes are inserted for a variety of reasons including recurrent ear infections, breakdown of the eardrum with impending cholesteatoma formation and chronic ear fluid.       Click on colored text for word definitions !!

The Treatment of Chronic Ear Fluid ( Chronic Serous Otitis Media ):  


The Treatment of Recurrent Ear Infections ( Recurrent Acute Otitis Media ): 

The Treatment of the Breakdown of the Eardrum:  If there is any signs that there is still active eustachian tube dysfunction, an ear tube should be placed to prevent cholesteatoma formation.  A cholesteatoma is a skin cyst which forms from the eardrum retracting into the middle ear.  This cyst is chronically infected and if left untreated can rarely erode into the facial nerve causing paralysis of the face, the inner ear causing deafness, and dizziness and the brain causing meningitis and death. 

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