Face and Nose Reconstruction With Forehead Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh
Facial and Nose Reconstruction With Forehead Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh

Forehead Flap for Nose Reconstruction in a Patient With Skin Cancer
Forehead_Flap_Pre_Op_AP.jpg (48446 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Pre_Op_Below.jpg (51151 bytes)

Large nasal defect involving the tip of the nose.

Forehead_Flap_Operaton_Side.jpg (51006 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Operaton_Right_Side.jpg (54066 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Elevation.jpg (57094 bytes)

A forehead flap was elevated and sewn into position.  It is left in place for 4 to 6 weeks.  Afterwards a planned second stage operation divides the pedicle  and reshapes the nose.  This patient had an increased amount of venous congestion of the flap.  He was placed on Trental and was told not to smoke.  

Forehead_Flap_Post_Op_Left.jpg (45005 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Post_Op_AP.jpg (63044 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Post_Op_Right.jpg (41217 bytes)Forehead_Flap_Post_Op_Below.jpg (47701 bytes)

One month Result after flap is taken down and stitches are removed.

fhf_left.jpg (74985 bytes)fhf_ap.jpg (41172 bytes)fhf_right.jpg (74614 bytes)fhf_inf.jpg (133572 bytes)Five month Result.
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