Bilobed Flap
Facial and Neck Reconstruction With Rotation Advancement Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh



  • Slide 1. Six cm Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Neck
  • Slide 2.  Surgical Defect
  • Slide 3. Neck Rotation AdvancementBase of flap was 7 cm across and the arc was 15 cm.
  • Slide 4. ClosureThe skin had ample stretch for closure.
  • Slide 5. Appearance 24 Hrs After Surgery
  • Slide 6. Appearance 5 Months After Surgery
Rotation Advancement Flap for Neck Reconstruction
in a Patient With Basal Cell Carcinoma (Skin Cancer)

This flap can be used to close large and small defects. As a general rule the length of the flap's arc should be twice the width of the flap's base.  It is often used on the scalp where there tissues have little stretch and a large flap is required to close even a relatively small defect.  A small back cut at the end of the flap is sometimes used to extend the flaps rotation.   This is useful when reconstructing scalp defects, since there is little stretch of the flap.   However, any back cut will narrow the base and care must be tank not to compromise the blood flow in the flap.


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